Why the name?

This page is here to explain to you how I came up with both my own name and the site’s name. Let’s start with my name.

All began because I don’t really like my name. Too ordinary and boring. That’s why I decided to choose my own Japanese name. I searched a lot. Cool phrases, words and so on. After some time I found two words I really liked that, together, could form two really cool phrases. The words were “Tenshi“, which means Angel, and “Yoru“, which means Night. Together they can either be “Yoru no Tenshi“, Angel of the night, or “Tenshi no Yoru“, Night of the angel. Well, aren’t these words cool and somehow mysterious? That’s why from then on, I’ve been calling myself Tenshi Yoru.

The name of the site is strictly connected to my name.

Ars Angeli literally means The art of the angel, all because of my name. I asked a friend to translate this into Latin, so I can’t really explain of it works, but that’s the result. Simply it. Cool, right?

I know, there isn’t much to tell, but I thought someone would be curious about it so I explained it either way.


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