Sailor Jupiter

FOLLOW ME ON: Facebook     DeviantArt    Youtube    Artstation    Twitter   Fanart of Sailor Jupiter from “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” done as a gift for my cousin’s birthday! I did my best to make her happy and I hope she is! For the background, I couldn’t draw the planet myself, so I used a copyright-free image from…

Midorima Shintaro gender-bender

FOLLOW ME ON: Facebook     DeviantArt    Youtube    Artstation    Twitter   Female version of Midorima Shintaro from “Kuroko no Basket” ❤ The  uniform is inspired by the one he wears while playing basketball :3 I wonder if I should gender-bend all the protagonists of the serie… If you want you can find the full image on DeviantArt.

– REQUEST – Livia

FOLLOW ME ON: Facebook     DeviantArt    Youtube    Artstation    Twitter   Request for Meimorie . Finally I can start working on requests again! I’m sorry it took me this long ): It was really interesting drawing her ❤ I don’t own the character, I only own the art. If you want you can find the full image on DeviantArt.

– REQUEST – Lacie

Request for Naoko-Nano . I wanted to try out a new pose and, even if something is still off, I’m pretty happy of how it came ot 🙂 That gentle look really suits her, in my opinion. What do you think? Let me know ^^ I don’t own the character, I only own the art….

– REQUEST – Sylvia

Request for Infamous-Storm . My first try with armor :3 I wanted to make the lines on her armor a bit “glowy”, but I don’t really know if the final result is how I wanted it to be I’m sorry if I shouldn’t have done that. I still hope you like it c: I don’t…

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas, everyone! This painting is to thank all of you who follow and support me. I hope you have a good day and receive a lot of presents! I would’ve liked to draw something for each one of you, since you are only a few, but I didn’t have the time. That’s why, if…

Christmas coloring contest by Ryky

The title says everything. I simply did it in my spare time, so it’s nothing much, but I still think the result is kinda good c: Thanks to ryky for giving me and all the other people the chance to color another one of his beautiful artworks ^^ Lineart: ryky Coloring: me If I have…

Vivid Green

This is another eye-practise, but this is from May. Quite different, right? I think I improved quite a bit in five months. That’s why, from then on, all my eyes are colored with this technique I found on DeviantArt and tried to make mine. If you want, you can find it on DeviantArt.