Matt Engarde

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Matt Engarde

One of my favourite characters from the “Ace Attorney” series. He appears in “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice For All” and this is his true form, so to say. The expression is exactly how I wanted it and I’m pretty surprised I managed to draw a decent glass! As for the rest…I’m really proud of everything. The only thing that bugs me is the skin: since the light comes from behind it should be darker than his usual color, but maybe I made it too dark? I don’t know, but either way he’s still cool.

I’ve never spent so much time on a painting, but I have to say it was worth all the effort, so I’m happy like this. The Ace Attorney games are definitely some of my favourite games of all times and his case, especially, is one of the most intriguing and breath-taking of all. If you haven’t played the game, do it.

I hope you like it too because this may be my favourite painting among the ones I’ve done so far!! ❤

If you want you can find the full image on DeviantArt.


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