After finishing all my three written exams, it’s coming the time for my last exam. When I am anxious I tend to do nothing, so I haven’t studied much these days…or maybe I haven’t at all… What do you use as motivation? Maybe you can help me get at least something done >.<

Apart from that, I wanted to talk about some random stuff, just to relax a bit. I wanted to talk about Hunter x Hunter, since the manga resumed some days ago. There might be some spoilers, so please read at your own risk.
I came to know about it thanks to the original anime, the 1999 version. To tell the truth, I dont’ remember much of it, but I know for sure that I loved it. Then I started to read the manga and now I’ve read all the chapters available. Finally, I’ve even watched the whole 2011 remake. That being said, let’s start talking from the beginning.
I usually don’t like overly friendly characters, all happy and at the center of the attention, but you simply can’t hate Gon. He’s such a strong kid, raised by his aunt and perfectly able to take care of himself. His meeting with Leorio and Kurapika is certainly strange, but, as I said, everyone comes to like Gon, one way or another, so… The part I like most of the beginning is when they need to reach the tree on top of the hill and to do so they have to answer a riddle, if I can call it that. In both this trial and the next one, he demonstrates his mature side and his animal-like abilities, I would say. In short, he is a really tough but gentle guy.
In their very first test, they finally meet Killua and from here on the real story starts; for me at least.
Without talking too much about what will take away and entire day explaining, my favourite shorty arcs are the first ones: the Hunter Exam Arc, the Zoldyck Family Arc and the Heavens Arena Arc. My god how I love Hisoka in the last one. I love him so much and I don’t even understand why. Well, maybe I know, since I’ve always loved “evil” characters like him, I’m simply weak against their charm. The battle between him and Gon is absolutely magnificent and the scene where Gon give back to Hisoka is number plate…I was so excited!!
The Yorshin City Arc is alsogood but not that much. Hisoka is here, though, so I’m totally fine. It was cool seeing all the members of the Genei Ryodan (or Phantom Troupe) because they are all unique and have an interesting personality. Even though they are the bad people, and I fully acknowledge that, they are still people and all have feelings, especially towards their leader. Pakunoda is the perfect example… Here Kurapika starts showing his unstable side and I felt really sorry for him, because he is such a good person who lost his entire family when just a young boy. The story of how it all happened can be found in the first Hunter x Hunter movie or in the special chapters of the manga Kurapika’s memories part one and two. (p.s: Hisoka is soo hot is this movie!)
After this arc we have the Greed Island Arc, a really good arc. Ok, Hisoka is here most of the time, but I swear this is not the reason; not the only one, at least. The fact of “being inside a game” is really intriguing, although we later discover that the players are simply brought to an island in the real word, in which no one can access unless it’s from a videogame console; if someone tries to enter from other means, one of the creators of the game will intervene. We have the Bomber, Gensuru, to take the part of the “bad guy”. A lot of things happen, such as the dodgeball game, full of suspense and excitement, and our heroes Gon and Killua also meet a new friend, Biscuit Krueger, a really funny and scary lady of fifty-seven. The three of them beat the game and Gon receives the honor to meet another one of the game’s creators, leading him to an unexpected truth: 11 people have worked together to create the game and of them is Gon’s father, Jin. Given the possibility to choose three cards to use in the real world, Gon chooses one that would bring him where is father is, but Jin is tricky, he still isn’t ready to meet his soon, so the card brings Gon and Killua to Kaito, Jin’s “student” and Gon’s acquaintance from many years before.
With this, the Chimera Ant Arc begins and I don’t really want to talk about it. It was sooo boring. The only things that kept me going were the funny names of the king’s guards and the story between the king Meruem and his gungi partner, Komugi. How they died together, hand in hand, is simply beautiful…
Going forward, there’s the 13th Hunter Chairman Election Arc, where we see an almost dead Gon, Killua who desperately tries to save him asking for his sister’s help, Jin who doesn’t go see his son and gets punched for that by Leorio. Here the 2011 anime series ends, with Gon end Killua who part ways and don’t tell me this isn’t the saddest thing ever because you would be lying.
There’s also the Dark Continent Expedition Arc, but I don’t want to talk about it, because I haven’t even understood what is going on yet. But there’s a match between Chrollo (I like calling him like this instead of Kuroro) and Hisoka, where Hisoka dies but comes back to life, lol. I swear I panicked and was super happy when he began to breathe.

I really talked a lot, didn’t I? I just said what I felt to say and talked only about the things I liked, so I understand if you find this post boring. I just hope Yoshihiro Togashi will finish this manga before he becomes completely unable to continue :’c Too many breaks, man! Also, sorry for any mistakes and typos you might find ^^”. I feel a little better know, so I’m going to leave with this drawing done in these past days. You can also find it here.

If you want let me know what you think about HxH! Bye!!File 30-06-17, 6 27 00 PM


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  1. raistlin0903 says:

    I haven’t read this manga yet, but I have seen this appear on quite a number of blogs. I don’t really read a lot of manga, but am reading it more than I used too. I’m currently in the middle of the Batte Angel Alita manga, which I am highly enjoying. Maybe I will read this one some day as well. And no, you really did not talk too much 😊
    Hope you can find some inspiration for your studies. It does help to take a break at times,and do something else, before proceeding further. Writing can sure help with that 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tenshi Yoru says:

      Well, not everyone likes reading manga, maybe others prefer anime, but since school took a lot of my time I preferred to read because i found it easier; from now on I’ll try watching more anime!
      I’ve never heard of the one you are reading, I have to say, but after doing some research I’ve found that maybe there will be a live-action movie! It sounds cool!
      As for HxH, it’s true that I like the story, but there are sooo many dialogues/explanations that make it boring to read after a while, just like what’s happening now to Shingeki no Kyojin. If you are fine with a lot of explanations every two minutes then read it, otherwise I would recommend more the 2011 anime version :3

      Liked by 1 person

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