Despite this being my art blog, I feel the need to talk about my first day of exams. Today it was italian/italian literature. It wasn’t bad, I want to be honest. How difficult can it be to just write an essay? But I already knew it was going to be like this. What I’m fearing right now is tomorrow’s exam, math. It’s too hard, everybody who did it says so and even teachers find it difficult to solve those problems. Now I’m getting scared and yet I have to do it, there’s no other way.

July 8th will be the final day and you’ll see me again. I just have to endure it!

On another note, I don’t know if you’re interested, but when everything has ended I could talk about my experience and how high school exams are here in Italy. Only if you are willing to read about it, though, so let me know!

file-21-06-17-4-28-25-pm.jpegHere is a little sketch I did some days ago and posted on Instagram, here. I like to post sketches and doodles there :3 I’m not happy like this girl though :’)


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  1. raistlin0903 says:

    All I can say is hang in there….you can do it. Math definitely isn’t one of the easiest things, but have faith in yourself. You can do it. As for your question. Always interested in reading about that, so I say go for it 😊
    Ps…you call it a “little sketch”, I call it absolutely amazing 😊

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    1. Tenshi Yoru says:

      It’s a bit hard to explain why we are all so scared of this exam, but maybe I will talk about this if I make the post after July 8th :3
      Also, thank you as always! I did a couple drawings during these days to try and relax, but now I don’t really have the time anymore, so I’ll have to draw a lot when I finish all this!

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      1. raistlin0903 says:

        Well…no worries, I’m sure you are going to do fine: Good luck tomorrow 😊

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        1. Tenshi Yoru says:

          Thanks 😉


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