Day 11 – Hannah

OC_TOBER Challenge


Along with Yvonne, Hannah is one of Chikara‘s friends. She studies Biology at University and is one year younger than the other two girls. She found biology experiments pretty fascinating since High school, she doesn’t mind dissecting frogs or other animals, nor studying dead bodies. You know, before doing Biology, she tried studying to become a doctor or a surgeon, but she just found that boring, so she dropped out after an year or so. Now she’s happy helping out at the laboratory, making all kinds of experiments, hoping to turn into a mad scientist and take over the world… It’s not a joke, I promise!

She’s quite a calm and laid-back person; she also becomes really lazy when she’s not in the laboratory. The only reason she hangs out with her friends is because she loves them, otherwise she prefers to stay at home and read with her cat on her lap. You can say she’s a pretty caring person, once you get to know her.

Being a little extravagant, she dyed her hair of a dark blue, with shocking pink meches. Also, her eyes are brown. You usually see her wearing her lab coat, but when she takes it off, you can notice how she always wears long pants, mostly jeans; for the top, she usually wears all kinds of sleevless shirts.

For more info, wait until next time!

All the info about the OC_TOBER Challenge can be found in Kree-KatART’s journal.


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