Day 10 – Yvonne Leroy

OC_TOBER Challenge


Chibi version of Yvonne Leroy, one of Chikara‘s friends. The same age as her, they both hang out together since the University days, which are not so far away.

Carefree, exhibitionist and a “gossip girl“: there’s no secret she doesn’t know about the people whom she’s involved with. Born in France, she moved in Japan to study Japanese literature, which she loves, and to further study Japanese itself.

She really doesn’t know when to talk and when to shut up, putting her in akward situations. It’s all thanks to Chikara and Hanna (I’ll talk about her next time) that things started going smoothly. Her dream is to teach French in a Japanese school/University, or to go back in France and teach Japanese Literature. When she originally decided to go to Japan, her plan was to go back home as soon as possible, but then she gradually began changing her mind. Japan was beautiful, even more than she could’ve imagined, and she even made some friends, who support and encourage her every day. How can she leave with a life like that?

For know that’s all I thought about her, but I hope to give her more story next time I draw her ^^

All the info about the OC_TOBER Challenge can be found in Kree-KatART’s journal.


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