Day 9 – Harumi

OC_TOBER Challenge


Harumi‘s story is not complete yet, so not even I know very well what her past and present are. She’s my Hunter x Hunter OC, so she’s not a “normal” woman. Probably in her twenties, Harumi is a strong and indipendent woman who decided to leave her home town and become a hunter. Her motives are unknown, but the aswer may be found in her past.

In her journey, she finds herself on the same ship as the protagonists Gon, Kurapika and Leorio, but she prefers to keep some distance from them and all the other people. When the storm comes, she’s totally unaffected and just stands on the tallest tree of the ship, looking at the horizon and covering herself only with the hood of her jacket. Noticing how the captain of the ship had taken a liking to the little boy Gon, she decides to follow him and his friends, to take advantage of the situation.

Together, they all pass the first trials with ease and finally reach the meeting point of the all the examinees who aspire to become hunters. That’s where the real story begins.

All the info about the OC_TOBER Challenge can be found in Kree-KatART’s journal.


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