Day 8 – Yuriko


OC_TOBER Challenge


Yuriko is a sexy and confident girl. She’s really honest with her sexuality and doesn’t mind which gender a person is. Being a natural beauty, she grew up to become over-confident about her body, having sex with whoever asked, but with conditions: the other person should have been good at sex. Beginners weren’t allowed.

Her sex friends are the only friends that she has, but for her that is enough. I mean, that’s all she wants, their bodies. As long as sex is involved you will probably have her at your feet.

One day a kohai confesses to her, knowing all too well what she would’ve told him. What’s more, he was a virgin! So…the chances went down to zero in an istant. Persevering and taking advantage of her not being able to find a partner, he succeded in obtaining an opportunity, but… Things didn’t go well due to his axiety and that made Yuriko pretty pissed.

One of Yuriko‘s ex-sex friends will make his entry now, but I’ll tell you more another day. How will things go? What will happen with the new guy who shows up?

All the info about the OC_TOBER Challenge can be found in Kree-KatART’s journal.


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