Day 7 – Hasako Seijitsu

OC_TOBER Challenge


Hasako is a high school girl who didn’t know how to love properly. She fell for her childhood friend when they were just little kids, but became conscious about it only some years later. He became her only thought, all she did was to please him. Her live revolved completely around him. This sick love almost drove her to a point of no return so that she didn’t even know who she really was and neither she was interested in knowing.

During the first year of high school, a girl confessed her love to her childhoom friend. Curious, and naive, she eavesdropped the conversation, sure he would turn her down. Things didn’t go that way and Hasako began to panick, running towards her love and asking repeatedly why he did that. Furious, the boy snapped and told her she was a nuisance, making clear that he didn’t want to see her again because she had always been too clingy and annoying.

In complete shock, Hasako went home and started crying, without eating for days. Her parents and her brother were really worried, but finally, one day, her stomach started growling and forced her to leave her room to grab some food. Thanks to the support of her family and a new friend, her brother’s classmate, she overcame her “depression” and began a new life. She cut her hair short and decided to know herself a little better eating also food that wasn’t exactly healthy, buying new clothes and reading some books.

After summer vacation, she finally returned to school, and…

Curious? The story will continue next time, sorry ;*

All the info about the OC_TOBER Challenge can be found in Kree-KatART’s journal.


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