Day 5 – Mizu Nanase


OC_TOBER Challenge


She’s my “Free! Iwatobi Swim Club” OC. If you know Free!, I’m sure you already noticed that her last name is “Nanase“, just like Haru. Well, for now I can say that, yeah, she’s his sister, but there’s more to it. Her story is literally the same as the characters of Free!, with the difference that, you know, she’s not in the original story.

Before explaining more, I have something to say. The story I’m writing for her is a reverse-harem kind of story. That means that there isn’t a single story which is canon, but, based on the guy you want her to end up with, the story changes. Just like an Otome game. That’s why, to give her a definitive background and future, I’m thinking of “her story”, where she doesn’t fall in love with any of the protagonists.

What to say, she’s a cute little sister, totally head over heels for her brother. There’s a one-year gap between them and that’s probably what makes their close relationship possible. Just like Haru, when she sees a pool, she immediately undresses an jumps into the water. Like brother like sister, they both wear swimsuits under their clothes. That habit of her really makes Makoto worry, who’s like a second brother to her. Nagisa is also similar to her but only because of their lively personality.

Wait, I think I said too much this time! Another day I’ll tell you more, promise!

All the info about the OC_TOBER Challenge can be found in Kree-KatART’s journal.


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